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1) Node.js is much faster than Python. Python is prettier than JavaScript. It is really fun to program in python if you don’t like JavaScript. It also has many useful Language features that JavaScript does not have like Generators, Decorators, Classes etc.
2) Node.js is very popular in job market and growing day by day. It was initially released on 27 May, 2009. The foundation of python was started in late 80’s and released on December 1989. So, it is very older than Node.js.
3) Node.js is using by very big companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple etc. Millions of active apps are built on various versions of JavaScript. There is not so craze for python now a day. Actually no other language ever had support like Node.js.
4) A developer who is working on a web project, must have the knowledge of Node.js because sooner or later he will have to deal with node because many tools like module loaders, CSS preprocessors, template engines, etc. are made to run on node. Python is an object oriented, strongly typed, multipurpose programming language which can be easily mixed up with C, C++, and JAVA etc.
5) Node.js supports callback. Its programming is based on event/callback which makes it faster but as well as harder to debug and maintain Python doesn?t support callback. It supports generators which makes it much simpler and concise.



  • Node.js可用于客户端和服务器开发。
  • Node.js使用Google chrome的V8引擎,这使得其库的代码执行速度非常快。
  • Node.js非常适合异步编程。
  • Node.js日益流行。现在,许多公司(例如Google,Microsoft和Apple等)都在使用它。
  • Node.js始终使用非阻塞I / O,因此,这是创建实时Web应用程序的最佳选择。例如:聊天应用程序。另一方面, Python是创建基于CRUD的Web应用程序的最佳选择。


  • Python是一种面向对象的多用途编程语言,可以轻松地与C,C++和JAVA等混合使用。它很干净,并且包含JavaScript所没有的许多有用的语言功能,如Generators,Decorators和Classes等。
  • 如果您熟悉Python ,则应使用PyPy + Tornado。与使用Node.js相比,它更加有益,高效且可维护
  • Node.js声称它比Python快,但是Python提供了PyPy + Tornado来克服这一缺点。
  • 如今,很多互联网公司也正在使用Python ,例如Quora,Nextdoor,Youtube,Pinterest,Slide Share,Apture,Disqus,Mochi Media等。