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S.No. Methods & Description
1 extend

It extends the Backbone.View class to create a custom view class.

2 initialize

It instantiates the view by using the new keyword.

3 el

It defines which element to be used as the view reference.

4 $el

It represents the jQuery object for the view’s element.

5 setElement

It specifies the existing DOM element to a different DOM element.

6 attributes

They can be used as DOM element attributes on the view class.

7 $(jQuery)

It is used as a selector that contains the $ function and runs queries within the view’s element.

8 template

While rendering the view, template creates reusable copies of markup and provides access to instance data.

9 render

It contains the logic for rendering a template.

10 remove

Removes a view from the DOM.

11 delegateEvents

Binds elements to the specified DOM elements with callback methods to handle events.

12 undelegateEvents

It removes delegate events from the view.